Advantages of CLIP ® Partition Systems

We are introducing our selves as a specialized factory in manufacturing Multi use Partitioning Systems with all its deferent types, shapes and Functions.

  1. 1- CLIP ® Partition Systems can make space much

    larger and useful by using 10cm thick CPS-1 Demountable, 4cm thick CPS-2 Panel removable, CPS-3 Cubicle or CPS-4 Workstations & Movable Partitions with their flexibilities based on good designbased on customer’s requirements.

  2. 2- CLIP ® Partition Systems can create friendlier

    working environment and more comfortable working space which increases employee’s productivity during working time.

  3. 3- CLIP ® Partition System’s elegant look & fin

    Finishing together with theirs practical & flexible use make office working life easier and smoother.

  4. 4- CLIP ® Partition System’s special remove and

    Reinstall ability assures good   reinstall quality & finishing which keeps the elegancy look and fin finishing last for many years of use and keeping the same good standard quality.

  5. 5- CLIP ® Partition System’s sound insulation up to

    46stc, fire rating up to one hour & light weight 7.5 -15 Kg/Sqm enables them to be very dependable partition systems.